Free machine embroidery

The new online-workshop in free machine embroidery has started this month and we have so lovely outcomes already. Many ladies have started a fabric book and have so interesting topics. Our photograph artist Hanne Keil started a fabric book with black & white pictures (foto transfer), Doris Sobiesiak had the idea for a book about beasts (but they look so cute and not at all dangerous), and it is so interesting to see how different the felters and the quilters work – and it is all so beautiful. The course has just started. It is the first month of six and I can’t wait to see the ladies results of the next lessons. I shall report …

The new in-person workshops …

… are now online. We start at October 14th with “Textur-Days” (see pictures below) and we shall have another workshop starting in November about free machine stitching on copper, puter and perhaps more.

But since these are in-person-courses they might not be so interesting for my visitors from far away. What might be more for you is here, my online-courses in english language:

Or perhaps you would like to see some work from my students? If so, please klick here:

To see my art books, klick here:


Christmas embroideries

Once a year, at Santa Claus, the members of our Forum share little christmas embroideries. Here we show you some of the pieces – hopefully getting you into christmas mood.

Book Art Workshop

This weekend we had the first book art workshop in my atelier. The statement of Karl Valentin “Art is beautiful, but a lot of work” was not at all our experience, because we had an awful lot of fun! The weather was lovely and we explored exciting techniques like collage and texture for book covers, embossing, foam printing and experimental calligraphy. Here are some intermediate results. Finished work will follow.