Altered books

A wonderful new art form has developped under the name “Altered Books” that lets you pull all the stops. You take an old book – of course not an “antique” book, just an old one – and create a new one. So far I have created:

– an altered book about my travels to India

– the documentation of a collagraphy (printing) workshop

– an altered book as a workbook accompanying a type of quilt that deals with both the Gutenberg bibles and the London Orbital motorway “M25”. This book is not so much concerned with the creation of presentable pages, but mainly with the recording of results of experiments. You know yourself: “Never think you will still remember tomorrow how you did something today”. It can be a good introduction to the subject of altered books to glue work samples into such a book. You will be more prone to glueing even lesser successful experiments into a book like that as opposed to into a pristinely white sketch book.