.. but I just wanted to improve my handwriting a little bit!

When I had to draft documentations and label sketches for the first time for my C&G certificate I noticed that my handwriting was anything but beautiful. And how could it have been? For years all I had written by hand – if at all – were shopping lists or small notes, intended just for myself and not ever having to be deciphered by a stranger. In the beginning I was content with printing out the texts from the computer and glueing them next to the sketches. But it was not exactly very pretty! This is how I came to enroll in my first calligraphy class…and then in another one … and here and there in another one. In the meantime calligraphy has become a hobby in its own right and the topic of “Writing and Lettering” became the subject of my final project – written on paper and embroidered on fabric.

Rilke-Gedicht in Unziale

Poem by Rilke in Unziale