On this page I show you the Assessment Pieces that I made during my City & Guilds-Certificate from 2008 – 2011 in Great Missenden, England, Tutor Janet Edmonds:

“Sticken beflügelt” (Stitching gives you wings)

(Assessment Piece IV – Design-Theme “Shape”)

Topic of this work was the designing of patterns. The pattern that I found and developed reminded me of a wing-shape. I deformed it and cut it, doubled it, made it bigger and smaller, I played with it in my image software programm, but also with my hands, experimenting with materials like pelmet, lutradur, kunin felt, copper foil, evolon, organza and many more. I also used painting, dyeing, embossing and bonding techniques and a soldering iron. I added embroidery to these shaped objects, mainly gold work, bead work and couching with handspun threads. Just the dark brown piece of embroidery (on top, in the middle of the quilt) is a heirloom piece that I only restored.

fluegelquilt fluegel1  

The Mathilda Necklace

(Assessment Piece III – Design-Theme “Form”)

The Mathilda Necklace – inspired from the Wedding Tower on Mathilda Hill in the german town of Darmstadt – is made of little compatible elements in the form of the Wedding Tower. besteht aus lauter kleinen, kompatiblen Elementen. They were first needle felted, then wet feltet, after that I embellished them with free machine embroidery. Eventually they were buttoned with Art Nouveau-buttons that I had embellished with goldwork. Because of the buttons it is a very flexible, changable piece: you can were it as a necklace or as a belt, you can make it longer or shorter, or use just two elements for a bracelet.


The Varsha Lamp Shade

(Assessment Piece II, Design-Thema “Linie”)

The spiral, machine embroidered, with pendants made from fusible film and stone gray silk threads, hanging from a column. In the middle it has a glass lamp shade, made by glass blower Burkhardt Lange, my husband.


Berlin Wall Quilt – Colour helps bearing burdens

(Assessment Piece I, Design-Thema “Colour”)

This quilt was inspired by the Berlin Wall, which was paint sprayed by taggers from all over the world. I made it from acrylic felt that I painted, cut into it with my soldering iron and connected the segments with insertion stitches and needle lace.

Design-Theme “Texture”

Free Machine Embroidery on soluable film – Design for a table cloth and cushions for a so-called “Festzelt-Garnitur”, that is a table and two benches like used in festival tents (Münchner Oktoberfest) and like the one in our garden