Book Art Workshop

This weekend we had the first book art workshop in my atelier. The statement of Karl Valentin “Art is beautiful, but a lot of work” was not at all our experience, because we had an awful lot of fun! The weather was lovely and we explored exciting techniques like collage and texture for book covers, embossing, foam printing and experimental calligraphy. Here are some intermediate results. Finished work will follow.

Ice flowers in the sunlight

The new advanced course started very good with this beautiful piece of embroidery, reflecting the mood of today: Ice flowers in the sunlight – made by  Simone Spychiger

Simone Spychiger

Bright colours for gray days

These are first results from the new online bookbinding course. Same of the books are made from fabric, others from paper or craft vilene, many of the materials come from a former online workshop about Eco-printing.


New photos in the gallery

Another Long Line Group finished their nine months workshop these days. The gallery is now online. Have a look at “LL-14” but also at the “Felter’s Gallery” where you can admire the beautiful felted and stitched bags of felting artist “Frau Schneck” (Mrs. Snail).

Frau Schneck-1Felted and stitched by felting artist “Frau Schneck”

My hazel nut book

In the Eco-Print-Workshop with Sandra Struck-Germann last week I did not only print on fabric, but also on paper of course. My red hazelnut bush turned out to be a great printer with very good printing abilities. But also many of the other leaves in my garden made – literally – very good impressions, even the “Giersch” which is not really a welcome plant in our gardens. I wrote with Foundational Hand and – of course – bound the book with threads from Atelier Lange-Nadel. Oh! By the way: it is all printed on the good english wallpaper!


Lovely results were obtained from the Eco-Print-Workshop with felting artist Sandra Struck-Germann! Here is a little collection. We received super-cool results on fabric (for the art quilters and embroiderers) as well as on paper (for the book binders). Most of us do both and so we are all very happy with our treasures that wait for further development. Especially for eco-print I made a new collection of threads in matching colours, less bright than usual, most of them silk.

Happy Pentecost

Yesterday we had a little private gathering here in the studio and just played with the materials laying around. And this is what came out: Beads made of rolled felt strips, wrapped with handdyed embroidery threads, some rocailles stitched on – here you are!