Turkish embroidery course in Berlin

Turkish, indian or hessian? What would you like? Next saturday at the Textile Art Berlin you can do it all in one course. You can have a look at my sketchbooks about turkish, indian and hessian (german) metall embroidery – those three have been my three foreign embroidery techniques in the C&G-Diploma –  and you can stitch a little sample of “Marasch Ischi” with me – and with Ayla Sentürk-Pett, a turkish embroidery teacher from the university of Konya, who flies over from Istambul, extra for the Show. As we say in Germany “Berlin is always worth a journey”. And even more next week, when they have the Textile Art Berlin.


Ayla doing embroidery

Marasch Ischi

left: Marasch Ischi, right: “Hipper-ischi” (easy)