Glass blowing


My husband Burkhardt comes from a very old glassblowers family in eastern germany. His family tree goes back threehundred years ago and all the males are listed as glassblowers. Until today this area is famous for glass production, especially the Lauscha Glass and its christmas tree decorations.

My husband was a professional glassblower for techniqual glasses, but now after his retirement he does it just for hobby. Sometimes we make things together …

…. like beadwork, tassels, quilts with glass embellishemts


Lampengeblasene Kugeln

Foto: Hans Paulick

Foto: Hans Paulick

Burkhardt Lange

Eine unserer Gemeinsamkeiten ist
die Liebe zum Kunsthandwerk.
Burkhard Lange, der Mann der Stickerin
Anne Lange, die Frau des Glasbläsers

… and our girls:

Henrike Lange

Tochter Henrike

Christine Lange

Tochter Christine

Speciality of the Lange family have always been glass spinning wheels. Some of the older ones are in museums today. But also Burkhardt makes them. He is very skilled!



… and lots of christmas stuff … (you can put a candle inside of this snow man)

Schneemann aus Glas

Schneemann aus Glas für Teelicht

Eine alte thüringer Tradition sind Lichtmühlen

Eine alte thüringer Tradition sind Lichtmühlen

Something very traditional: Light mills in glass balls. When the sun shines on them, the mills inside of the glass ball start to turn around.

Foto: Hans-Joachim Paulick

Foto: Hans-Joachim Paulick