Ways into Free Embroidery

There are very different paths leading to free embroidery and consequently the chapters collected here are numerous. Some of them are already quite old, since I started these pages in 2007. However, there are still pages being added, as new “paths to free emboridery” are constantly opening up and there is still a lot to discover.

Sorry, not all of these pages are translated yet. But they will come soon. Meanwhile, you might like to have a look at all the pictures here.


The most exciting of all embroidery techniques is goldwork! I love the traditional type as well as “modern goldwork” and combinations with beads, sequins and nowadays even with materials from the area of mixed media.

Machine Embroidery

Quite a wonderful path to free embroidery is the sewing machine. Many people who embroider and quilt by hand despise it for all the wrong reasons.