My favorite kind of bead work is one that does not exclusivley consist of beads, but combines other materials and techniques.

You can work them as “delicate blanks”. Like “rough blanks” they are created to be further processed, only they are more delicate from the start. You can embroider them ahead of time and applique them later: onto garments or purses, onto quilts or jewelry pieces or – very strikingly – onto felt!

The outlines of Dear Jane or Quilted Diamonds are perfectly suited for this.



If you ever make it to Mainz, I absolutely recommend visiting “Perle und Knoepp” (“Bead and Button”). The store is located next to the Gutenberg Museum, opposite the cathedral and just 10 minutes by foot from the Chagall windows.

On the right: my first bead embroidery, a necklace.

Below is an embroidery where I incorporated a lot of the things I learned in workshops with Christina Orth – and onto which I stitched the genuine Indian beetle wings that I always considered far too precious to actually use.



Überstickter indischer Druck

Bead embroidery over an indian block printing

Another work created under Christina Orth (and still in progress): an applique, embroidered over with beads and sequins.

Below: my latest bookbinding work. A bead embroidery embedded into a book on the same subject. I also made the cover paper by hand. The bead embroidery artist Robin Atkins had created a PDF file of her first book, available on her homepage ( I printed it out and then bound it. The book itself can be seen in more detail in the chapter “Books and Boxes”.

Applikation mit Perlen

Appliqué with beads


Book with bead embroidery