What could be a more wonderful “path to Free Embroidery” than a real journey? This is the reason why I have included some albums and travelogues to conclude this chapter:

Studentinnen der Stickkunst an der Seldschuken-Universität in Konya

Students of the art of embroidery at the Seljuk university of Konya, Turkey


“Türk Işi” from Sevilay BASTAN (a student of Ayla Sentürk-Pett)
Typical for this technique is the speckled silver metal ribbon

Türk Işi von Mine ALPTEKIN (Schülerin von Ayla Sentürk-Pett) mit den Techniken Muşabbak, Pesent und Tel Kırma

Türk Işi from Mine ALPTEKIN (Student of Ayla Sentürk-Pett)
with the techniques Muşabbak, Pesent und Tel Kırma

“Hipper-ischi” from Anne Lange
Hipper-ischi is my simplified version of the complicated Turkish gold embroidery “Marasch-Ischi”

Embroidery means to dig a well with your needle

“Nakış iğne ile kuyu kazmaktır”

I learnt about this Turkish saying while teaching a workshop at the Seljuk University in Konya in 2011, where embroidery is one of the areas of study. Inspired by the Turkish culture and impressed by the students’ enthusiasm and skills I sent out a call for submissions to enter a competition; around 30 textile artists from the group “Die Himbeeren” (“The Raspberries”), residing, among others, in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Sweden, took part. You can see all the entered submissions in this album, too:

Additional pictures from this wonderful trip which inspired the Turkey exhibition can be seen here:


And here:

Bilder aus Konya und Bilder aus Istanbul


Lovely Trips to india and other places of interest and embroidery are organized by, with whom I did my journey to Jaipur.

Here are pictures from my journey to India in March 2012


indische knpfe